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Help us tell the incredible

stories of our Iowa Rock 'n Roll

Hall of Fame inductees!


We have embarked upon a new project for all of our Hall of Fame inductees, the Save Iowa Stories Database Project, where we will video each of our inductees and then implement a database format that will allow us to link this video to their biography, additional videos and photos.


Once completed, our intention is to make this database available beyond our museum’s touchscreens, sharing content across the world wide web and made available to everyone, everywhere. We also are working to get this cloud database linked to the Library of Congress, thus allowing genealogy searches to find our database when people are using software like


Our goal is to capture these stories and save them forever. With over five hundred entities and over two thousand individual inductees in our Hall of Fame database, this is no small task and will be a multi-year undertaking.


If you or your family would like to contribute information or donate, both would be greatly appreciated. We thank the Okoboji Foundation for the first grant we received to begin this project.

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"Our Hall of Fame inductees have a great story to tell for all generations."

Ralph Kluseman, President
Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association

Hall of Fame & Museum

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